usage: toxn [-h] [-v {DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR,CRITICAL} | -q] [--logging LOGGING] [--version] [-c file] [-r] [-t e [e ...]] [-a {run,list,list-bare,list-default-bare}] [-p] ...
args additional arguments passed to commands as positional substitution
-v, --verbosity INFO stderr output log level; one of: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL
-q, --quiet False do not print log messages
--logging %(message)s logging format, see
--version False report version information to stdout
-c, --config the pyproject.toml config file to use (determines the root directory)
-r, --recreate False force recreation of the task environments
-t, --tasks run only this task
-a, --action run action to perform once configuration loaded; one of: run, list, list-bare, list-default-bare
-p, --parallel False run tasks in parallel